Polish Ministry of Justice

Projects goals

Launch of an Information Portal for Polish common courts offering information into cases pending.

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Project description

We accepted the challenge to craft a tailor-made Information Portal of Common Courts in Poland (district, circuit and appellate courts), an unprecedented project on the local market. The contract called for comprehensive service including delivery, installation, configuration, implementation and launch of the information portal along with the delivery of equipment.

The Common Courts Information Portal is an information-access service concerning the status of cases and the actions taken in cases as entered to the software which supports court offices. An Electronic Registry Office will be created as part of the project, enabling electronic submission of court case documents. The portal was launched to facilitate access to information by authorized and entitled entities, in particular the parties to the proceedings and their representatives, as well as judges and prosecutors.

The project in numbers


Common Courts serve

30 000

external users daily

10 000

internal users daily


months time taken to assume project from prior contractor and construct the new solution


mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows


second application response time

Questions about this project? Please contact us: marketing@comp.com.pl

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