M/platform is the first digital service platform in Poland that leverages the advanced capacities of cash registers to give traditional retail outlets tools they need to expand their offer. The platform integrates tools and services that offer real support to retail stores in the SME sector.

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M/platform allows its users to benefit from such services as producer-refunded promotions or the mobile consumer application Hop&Shop. M/platform grants users preferred access to accounting and legal services and provides transparent in-store sales analytics.

M/platform is the largest platform of its type in Poland, bringing together over 11,000 traditional retail locations nationwide.

The M/promo + service on our M/platform system enables producers to run promotional campaigns for their products, dedicated to traditional retail outlets. Terms of each promotion are individually accepted by the retailer end-user, allowing them to increase their competitiveness on the market, while maintaining the freedom to shape their individual offer.

Retailers joining the M/Promo + program gain immediate access to over 80 promotions from top FMCG producers operating in Poland.

The service enables retailers to utilize modern promotional formats which have been available only in large networks to date, including promotional items, promomixes, sets, fixed-amount and percentage discounts and happy hours.


We have gained the trust of the largest food brands on the Polish market. We look forward to working with you!

The  Hop&Shop consumer application facilitates shopping in traditional stores, enabling consumers to conveniently plan their purchases, without walking store aisles or waiting in queues and, in keeping with sanitary guidelines, to either pick up ready-made purchases or arrange home delivery. The application allows you to locate stores cooperating with M/platforms on a map and view promotions available in the store in the form of an e-newsletter. It was created with the safety of customers as well as owners and employees of local stores in mind.

The M/store marketplace sales platform connects FMCG distributors (wholesalers) with retail store owners. This independent platform associates a broad array of distributors and leverages the potential of M/platform via a built-in recommendation engine supporting accurate purchasing decisions. The system suggests an optimal division of wholesale orders based on price, available promotions, ease of logistics, delivery dates, or even the credit balance held at individual distributors.

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