We lead the Comp capital group, gathering technology firms specializing in in security solutions for IT, networks and cryptology as well as solutions for trade and service industries. Thirty years of experience, broad-ranging abilities, our own R&D centers and a team of invaluable experts create a competitive advantage that place us amongst the leaders for IT and retail markets.

For several years we have been developing M/platform – services added to fiscal devices. Since 2005, we have been a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The synergy of competences of all companies, comprehensive and many years of experience, our own R&D and innovation centers give us the opportunity to provide services of the highest quality.

Why Comp

Our advantages result from comprehensive competences, many years of experience and the development of our own R&D centers.

We create products and services that stand out not only in Poland, but also in Europe. M / platform, the digital service platform supporting local stores, is already changing the retail landscape.

We are a leader
in the area of special security and the market of fiscal solutions

We provide the widest and most comprehensive range of products
and value-added services

We work with a wide network of leading
and experienced business partners

We are the creator
of the first and the largest digital platform of services supporting trade in Poland

Case studies

Polish Ministry of Justice

Launch of an Information Portal for Polish common courts offering information into cases pending.

Civil Aviation Authority

Improve the activities of the Civil Aviation Authority by digitizing office functions.

Social Security Office (ZUS)

Preparation and transfer (migration) of functionalities and data from the Identity Management System (SZT).

>30 years

on the Polish IT market


employees of the Group


Polish retail stores
use our fiscal devices


companies in the Group


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